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Thursday, May 17

Rooting Android phone.

rootingA friend of mine bought a new android phone. He is new to this platform/Operating System. He asked me to "root" his phone so he can install "illegal" paid games on it. I then asked him why he needs it to be rooted. He gave me a question instead of an answer. He actually don't know what is "rooting". I then answer him with what as follow.

What is "Root"?
Rooting will unlock your phone to have "root access". This means that the applications you install will have the capability to access the "root" folder where all system files are location.

Benefits of rooting you phone...
You'll be able to install customer "ROM" on your phone such as CyanogenMod, MIUI, or other customer made roms available at the internet.
You/Apps you installed will be able to add/remove system files.

What are "ROM"s?

ROM - Short for "Read only memory" are files located on your mobile system which you cannot edit/change unless you root your phone. ROM are made by manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, and other mobile company and developers and such. The Main Operating System on your phone is "Android", a google based mobile operating system. ROM is different from OS as ROM as built by manufacturers on top of Android OS.

Benefits of having a custom ROM...
Custom Rom is made by developers online, improving the current default ROM installed on your mobile device. This includes several tweaks that, not only make your phone faster, but also push you phone at it's full potential. This means less lag.

Disadvantage of having a custom ROM...
Changing your ROM could/will void the warranty on your phone since it includes some hacking part and removing pre-built softwares. There is also a 0.01% chance to brick you phone if you do not know what/how to root your phone to change your ROM. Also, not all software/built in apps on your phone developed by your phone manufacturers would be there since it is a new rom, not unless the developer of the custom rom would also include it in the release.

2 types of ROMS:
1. Manufacturer-based ROM - More like having a tweak on your current default rom but with tweaks.
2. Cyanogen-base ROM - More like havinga new phone since it's interface is different (particularly MIUI). Also, most of the default apps would not work.

If you root your device, will you be able to revert it back to the default rom?
Actually, rooting your phone would not change the default ROM you are currently using. It will just enable you/Apps to have root access. Changing your ROM would be just another function you'll be able to make if you root your device.

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How's your rooted SGS2 doin, Edward? :)

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