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Sunday, March 21

Plants VS. Zombies

Do you like strategy games or you just simply like a fun and challenging game? I'm recommending Plants vs. Zombies if you haven't played it yet. It is the fastest-selling game developed and published by Popcap Games. Enjoy hours of fun by playing this game. There is adventure mode available in this game wherein you must defend your house against zombies by planting different types of plants with unique functions on your lawn. There are many mini games to unlock and there is an Endless Game where defending against zombies is really fun but challenging. 

Did you already finish this game? If so, how many times and what is your favorite plant? Mine was the Cattail. :)

(WARNING: PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES is a very addicting game)
 Try Plants VS. Zombies (Trial)

 Plants VS. Zombies (Full) at AMAZON


yeah! PVZ rocks! :D

cattail is good. you're right. but i prefer the watermelon catapult.


Go PVZ! People in my College are addicted to the game as well. I like the Cattail too. :)

Good job with this blog and more power! :D


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