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Monday, September 27


“Life is a process that we undergo and its output depends on every decision we make.”

Let me tell you my story…

Since 1996, during my younger years in grade school, my family and I usually eat out at Goldilocks located in SM Megamall. We even celebrate several important occasions there like birthdays and anniversaries. But most of the time, we just go there during ordinary days.

I can still remember when Goldilocks used to have its old look: where the utensils are placed before the queue and when the food was served on trays with Goldilocks, the character, printed on it. I can
also remember the taste of their Lechon Paksiw, Kare-kare and of course my favorite dish, Lumpiang Shanghai. Their food always tasted so well –not to mention, their desserts. The leche flan was simply perfect and the pastillas was so creamy and has a lingering taste.

Over the years, my mother tried to replicate Goldilocks’ dishes and learned how to cook them at home. She was a good cook and she made the dishes so well that every time I dine at Goldilocks, it tasted like it was the same thing my mom used to cook; it felt like I was actually at home.
In 1998, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. My whole family became depressed but even cancer couldn’t stop us from fighting. My mother didn’t give up. She fought so hard for almost 10 years with the help of our Savior, our Almighty Father. We prayed for her, even our relatives who were outside the country. I could say that Goldilocks had been on our side during those hard times. Whenever we had the chance, we brought home cakes and pastries from Goldilocks –she always liked those. Good thing they decided to branch out in provinces like Rizal, where we reside. It was just a few streets away from our house.

I was so devastated when my mother died last September 2008. My life started to change completely. I usually send an SMS to my mother every time I arrive safely at the boarding house I’m staying and she always had the time to reply to my messages, but now, even if I send a thousand messages no one is responding to my messages. She really is gone now. It felt like everything that I dreamt for myself together with my mother had been wasted. It was the darkest period of my life. I started cutting my classes, failing my exams as well as my subjects. I had no one to turn to because I was the only son and my father left us after my mother’s death. I'm all alone.

Months have passed and everything was the same… I missed her more than ever.

One time when I was passing through the mall, I saw Goldilocks. I suddenly remembered my mother that time.  I then entered the store to eat since it was dinner time already. I ordered Kare-Kare for myself. I started to eat and suddenly remembered my mother's cooking. I began to ask myself, "Is Mommy happy with what I’ve become?” I'm alone, skinny and my life is pretty messed up. At that very moment I noticed that Goldilocks had an improved aesthetics; then I started to realize things. My mother wouldn’t like what’s happening to me. Like Goldilocks having its new look, I should also find a way to change mine. I need to become a better person like what the new Goldilocks did.

At the time when I was struggling with the changes I’m going through, Goldilocks was there to remind me that there is always room for improvement. Changes have to take place. I didn’t have to waste my life mourning over my mother, thinking that there’s no hope for tomorrow. I should help myself find means to adapt to these changes.

Everything started to feel lively again after I went to Goldilocks. With Goldilocks’ improved system and looks, I also saw myself moving at the same direction –moving forward towards something far better than before. All I need to do is to embrace and accept these changes just the way it is. My mother is gone –nothing can change that, but she instilled us with her love and wisdom. My life has definitely improved… just like Goldilocks.

In the long run, I learned that I have to think maturely: make smarter decisions next time and to take care of my body.  Good thing Goldilocks was there to bring me back to reality.

This day, September 27, marks the second death anniversary of my mother. I know that I still have my family relatives especially my sibling who I could rely on. After she joined our Lord in heaven, she left me with life's lesson that no one could replace.
Since then, every time I dine at Goldilocks, I remember my mother’s cooking and the warmth it brings to my heart. In this way, it feels like my mother is still alive. Goldilocks started to fill the emptiness I feel inside. Goldilocks became a big part of me and it will never be detached from my life.

You’re my number 1, Goldilocks.