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Friday, March 15

Samsung's Galaxy S4 was finally launched!

So after waiting for quite some time, Samsung's new flagship phone model - the Galaxy S4 is finally launched.

Go ahead and watch the video on Samsung's facebook page here:


Learn more about the new Galaxy S4 features on samsung's somewhat interactive page:

Saturday, March 9

A FREE game from EA for everyone who bought SimCity

So, there were some technical difficulties around the SimCity servers over the past week and Lucy Bradshaw, MAXIS General Manager posted this on EA.com to address the issue and for a "little" compensation for the trouble.

Excerpt from EA.com:

Here’s a quick update on the problems we were experiencing with SimCity – and a little something extra for people who bought the game.

The server issues which began at launch have improved significantly as we added more capacity. But some people are still experiencing response and stability problems that we’re working fast to address.

So what went wrong? The short answer is: a lot more people logged on than we expected. More people played and played in ways we never saw in the beta.

OK, we agree, that was dumb, but we are committed to fixing it. In the last 48 hours we increased server capacity by 120 percent. It’s working – the number of people who have gotten in and built cities has improved dramatically. The number of disrupted experiences has dropped by roughly 80 percent.

So we’re close to fixed, but not quite there. I’m hoping to post another update this weekend to let everyone know that the launch issues are behind us.

Something Special for Your Trouble

The good news is that SimCity is a solid hit in all major markets. The consensus among critics and players is that this is fundamentally a great game. But this SimCity is made to be played online, and if you can’t get a stable connection, you’re NOT having a good experience. So we’re not going to rest until we’ve fixed the remaining server issues.

And to get us back in your good graces, we’re going to offer you a free PC download game from the EA portfolio. On March 18, SimCity players who have activated their game will receive an email telling them how to redeem their free game.

I know that’s a little contrived – kind of like buying a present for a friend after you did something crummy. But we feel bad about what happened. We’re hoping you won’t stay mad and that we’ll be friends again when SimCity is running at 100 percent.

SimCity is a GREAT game and the people who made it are incredibly proud. Hang in there – we’ll be providing more updates throughout the weekend.
To sum it up, everyone who have an activated copy of SimCity on their EA account by March 18, 2013 are eligible for the free game and should be receiving an email regarding the details.

If you are planning to buy SimCity or any other EA games title anytime in the near future, you might want to consider purchasing (and activating) SimCity now and take advantage of another game for free later.

EA Catalog for PC games can be found at:

You can purchase a copy of SimCity for PC at Origin.com.

Friday, February 15

How to change the Date, Time and Timezone in Windows


Having the correct date, time and timezone on your computer is important. This will prevent and/or fix any issue related but not limited to:

  • your web browser stating that the web site certificates are invalid,
  • Windows Update not working properly,
  • alerts from Windows where it needs to be reactivated again,
  • unable to connect to business and/or online game(s) servers. 

If you are experiencing any weird behavior with your application or software, it would be best to make sure that Windows time, date and timezone are accurate. If your computer does have the correct time after being turned off, you should contact the computer manufacturer as the date/time is not being saved in the CMOS/BIOS battery.

For Windows XP, please visit Microsoft Windows XP Help Guide here.
For Windows Vista and Windows 7, please visit Microsoft Windows Help Guide here.
For Windows 8:

  • (Note: This guide is also applicable with Windows Vista and Windows 7):
  • Go to your Windows desktop (Press Windows Key + D).
  • Left click on the time that is displayed in your Windows taskbar.
  • Left Click on "Change date and time settings...".
  • A dialogue box should appear.
  • Click on the "Change date and time...". This will open the Date and Time Settings with a calendar and the current time set in your computer.
  • Adjust the date and time as desired.
  • Click "OK" when finished.
  • To change your time zone, click on the "Change time zone..." button.
  • Select the appropriate timezone.
  • Click "OK" when finished.
  • Make sure that the time is still correct after changing the timezone.
  • Click "Apply".
  • Click "OK".

Thursday, May 17

Rooting Android phone.

rootingA friend of mine bought a new android phone. He is new to this platform/Operating System. He asked me to "root" his phone so he can install "illegal" paid games on it. I then asked him why he needs it to be rooted. He gave me a question instead of an answer. He actually don't know what is "rooting". I then answer him with what as follow.

What is "Root"?
Rooting will unlock your phone to have "root access". This means that the applications you install will have the capability to access the "root" folder where all system files are location.

Benefits of rooting you phone...
You'll be able to install customer "ROM" on your phone such as CyanogenMod, MIUI, or other customer made roms available at the internet.
You/Apps you installed will be able to add/remove system files.

What are "ROM"s?

ROM - Short for "Read only memory" are files located on your mobile system which you cannot edit/change unless you root your phone. ROM are made by manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, and other mobile company and developers and such. The Main Operating System on your phone is "Android", a google based mobile operating system. ROM is different from OS as ROM as built by manufacturers on top of Android OS.

Benefits of having a custom ROM...
Custom Rom is made by developers online, improving the current default ROM installed on your mobile device. This includes several tweaks that, not only make your phone faster, but also push you phone at it's full potential. This means less lag.

Disadvantage of having a custom ROM...
Changing your ROM could/will void the warranty on your phone since it includes some hacking part and removing pre-built softwares. There is also a 0.01% chance to brick you phone if you do not know what/how to root your phone to change your ROM. Also, not all software/built in apps on your phone developed by your phone manufacturers would be there since it is a new rom, not unless the developer of the custom rom would also include it in the release.

2 types of ROMS:
1. Manufacturer-based ROM - More like having a tweak on your current default rom but with tweaks.
2. Cyanogen-base ROM - More like havinga new phone since it's interface is different (particularly MIUI). Also, most of the default apps would not work.

If you root your device, will you be able to revert it back to the default rom?
Actually, rooting your phone would not change the default ROM you are currently using. It will just enable you/Apps to have root access. Changing your ROM would be just another function you'll be able to make if you root your device.

Image(s): FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Thursday, November 10

New Blogger

Hello People! I am a new member of the techsnitch blog. We are planning to revive this blog in order to give people some information about things that are yet to be released into the vast majority of the world. We hope you would keep helping our blog. THANKS!